5 Easy Steps to Get Started on Keto

You’ve heard about the wonderful benefits of the keto diet, your interest is peaked but you don’t quite know how to start your journey. Here are 5 easy steps to help you get started.

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1. Get Informed!

It is essential to get educated before starting in order to identify pre-existing conditions that might interfere or prevent you from adopting the fat-burning regime.

There is a lot of information out there in regards to the Ketogenic Diet. You should get to know the science behind the diet, the different types of keto diet, what you can and cannot eat on the diet and how to troubleshoot when experiencing weight loss plateaus, the keto flu and other potential side effects. 

Get online and do some research. In addition to our many blogs, here are a few recommended and trustworthy websites:

2. Get rid of and/or donate non-keto foods.

Iknow that throwing away food isn’t the most environmentally friendly thing to do, and there are thousands of people who die of hunger in the world. You can overcome this by either waiting until you’ve finished your supply to start your keto diet journey, or donate to friends and family. Pack those items in a box and gift them away. Everyone loves free groceries!

ROOMMATE CHALLENGE: If you live with friends or family who are not ready or willing to join you on the incredible journey that is the keto diet, you may be faced with an additional challenge. You will likely have to live with the fact that you will always have access to carby foods and drinks. Although this may be an added challenge, I personally know that you can get through it. You can get around this challenge by asking your housemates to:

  • Refrain from buying in bulk
  • Not eating carby and sugary foods in your presence
  • Storing their stash of goods in a designated area
  • Joining you on the keto meals train a few times per week

3. Find a meal plan, buy a keto cookbook or make your own.

There are thousands upon thousands of awesome, healthy and super tasty keto recipes out there. 


You can either search the world wide web for a meal plan either generalized or personalized:



I love google. You can type “keto” and your favourite dish in the search bar and BAM, you’ve got yourself a keto meal. Here are some of the recipe creators that we’ve tried and loved:

4. Stock your fridge!

I myself am not the biggest meal planner out there. I don’t like meal plans that involve cooking all the time or utilize complex recipes with fancy keto substitution ingredients. However, I do have my staple go-to items and sprinkle a few recipes throughout the week. Check out our one-week meal plan to give you an idea.

5. Join the Keto community!

Changing your lifestyle can be difficult when you do it alone. Try to enroll your friends and family who are trying to lose weight on your journey. You can also get inspired by joining our Keto community on Facebook and Instagram. Connect and get inspired by all your fellow keto dieters.


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